Chère Câline & Warm-bro NFT

by Liliane


Taiwan is the country with the highest density of butterfly species in the world. This mysterious island is home to over 400 species of butterflies -. But in truth, its nickname”Butterfly Kingdom” has nothing to do with these. What really gave Taiwan its reputation as the Butterfly Kingdom was from its world-renowned taxidermy technic creating framed “Butterfly Specimens”!

Watching these specimens was one of my hobbies when I was a child. The one that impressed me the most was not a butterfly but an “Atlas moth”, that seemed to have a snake on its wings. Since then the Atlas moth has been imprinted in my mind; a strong symbol of Taiwan itself. 

However, it recently came as a shocking surprise that these moths, that I love dearly, do NOT  represent Taiwan to the rest of the world. Only Taiwan butterflies are well known.  Its moths, however dazzlingly beautiful, are neither known nor loved world-wide. Not even in Taiwan itself.  

Over 4.000 moths species are known in Taiwan. Make it 6.000 with the estimated unknown species. 

Taiwan largely deserves to be called the Moth kingdom. Moths may have a bad rep, but they are cuter than butterflies. Their soft and fat body and the fluff of their scales are so cats-like that I couldn’t resist mixing moths and cats. Thus the Chapillon was born.


台灣-擁有四百多種的蝴蝶與世界最高蝴蝶種類密度的神秘島國 。但「蝴蝶王國」的名號,其實跟這些並沒有實際上的關聯,真正讓台灣冠上蝴蝶王國的美譽,是來自於台灣世界封頂的「蝴蝶標本」製造技術與輸出量!因為家人在林務局負責這部分的工作,所以小時候蝴蝶資料庫可是等同我家後院般的來去自如。那些需要用像是方向盤才能移動的資料架與巨大收納室至今都深深刻印在我的腦海中。


Fantastic creatures emerging from the cocoon on the blockchain.


Of course not only Chapillon, and we also get some

Witch Pigs

The idea came from a joke with a friend and turned into wanting to make a series of pictures.That’s Witch Pig !



Born and raised in the blockchain world, the witch pigs honed their magical skills!! The first one to reach the Internet is the Japanese Witch Pig. She makes you happy and safe; but only one of these at a time. She say: “Bless you”


Excited to create these characters and meet you all

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